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Gas generators

Given that it has decades of experience and expertise, MTU Onsite Energy provides reliable gas generator sets for a wide range of applications.

Whether it's for continuous operation, standby or prime power, electricity generation or combined heat and power (CHP).

MTU Onsite Energy gas generator sets are efficient, reliable and configured to meet your requirements.

Our natural gas generator sets have state-of-the-art technology that ensures combined heat and power generation (CHP).

Cogeneration (often referred to as combined heat and power generation - in English Combined Heat and Power, CHP) is the production of electricity with the simultaneous use of waste heat, which is otherwise lost in industrial processes.

The efficiency of cogeneration is determined by comparison with the reference system for individual production of electricity and heat. The reference system is the existing system of separate electricity production in the coal-fired power plant (lignite) and heat from boilers on the natural gas, reducing the efficiency of production for the amount of losses in the transmission and distribution network to the end user.

Advantages of cogeneration
Efficiency - Reliability - Ecology - Energy Efficiency - Economy

Cogeneration requires less fuel to produce the required energy and no losses arising in transmission or distribution occurring when electricity is traveling through a transmission line.

The cogeneration plant can be designed to provide high-quality electrical and thermal energy on-site, regardless of the outages that can occur in the distribution network, thus providing quality and safe power supply for sensitive equipment.

Ecology - Energy efficiency
Because of the lower consumption of fuel consumed, i.e. burned to produce every unit of energy (electrical and thermal) cogeneration plant reduces air pollution, emissions of harmful gases as well as the reduction of the greenhouse effect.

Because of its efficiency, the cogeneration plant can save a lot of money, which is best seen on electricity bills and provides security against unstable energy costs.

CHP plants have found application both in industry and in facilities. Suitable for use in the following areas:


    • Food industry
    • Construction industry
    • Paper industry
    • Chemical and pharmaceutical
    • Breweries


    • Hospitals
    • Hotels and restaurants
    • Residential buildings
    • Schools
    • Sports Centers

As an energy source, modern cogeneration plants usually use natural gas or lately biogas as a technological innovation in this field.

Other advantages of the cogeneration plant are reliability and low maintenance, load flexibility, and a high degree of automation provides increased reliability, security and efficiency, and reduces operational costs.

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